Content Strategy & Digital Copywriting

18 years. Countless relaunches. Continually evolving technology. World-renowned publishers. This digital editor knows what it takes to make a streamlined site with copy that pops.  

It’s about innovating while remaining true to the core brand message, with smart digital extensions – from videos to social networks and apps – that put your brand everywhere your clients are. All created with enough UX intelligence and SEO smarts to stand out like a beacon.   



Writing & Editing

A masterful writer is the vehicle for an incredible journey. An adroit editor makes sure everything's running smoothly under the hood. I can operate the whole machine -- in the digital dimension.

I build editorial calendars with content that gets clicks. I wrangle freelance writers, keep the team on track, and carefully hone copy. And I can whip up a mean yarn, from food and entertaining features to timely blog posts to profiles of people and places. Enjoy the ride. 



Crafts & Dressmaking

Content isn't all I craft. I'm as handy with a needle and thread as I am with a pen. I embroider and embellish. Sew up a sundress and handbind a book. I can create a world from a song -- a world filled with food puppets who fall in love -- then film and edit it into a neat little music video. And cooking counts, right? You ought to taste my gumbo. 

Sometimes, stars align and I get to mix my passions, writing about food and crafts. Ain't life sweet?