Hazel and the Dancing Girls


This is probably the longest-in-coming dress I've ever made. I bought this fabric...

That's right, a much younger, less tired, more idealistic version of me bought this awesome dancing girls print from a random store in the garment district thinking I'd whip up a sundress. And I did...well over a decade later. Oh well, better late than...you know. 

The pattern is Hazel from Colette Patterns


Psychedelic Sorbetto

Kinda retro, no?

Kinda retro, no?

Okay, so I hopped on the Colette Sorbetto bandwagon with this 60's-inspired floral print I picked up at JoAnn fabrics. I originally cut a size 4, but that seemed too baggy, so I cut the sides at a size 2, the neck and arms at a size 4, and a size 12 on the bottom for a little extra length. I finished the hem with bias tape, too, and made little vents on the side hem to accomodate the more, ehm, ample parts.