WTF? What's That Food? It's Okra! (and How to Cook It So It's Slime-Free)

Originally published on Martha Stewart's Everyday Food blog

Okra's flavor is so unique -- sort of like a more herby version of an eggplant -- and when cooked correctly, okra actually has no stickiness or sliminess to it. It's true! Here's the easiest way to cook fresh okra that's not only faster, but truly slime free.

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Pasta A to Z: The Perfect Recipe for Every Shape

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Sure, pasta is versatile — just about any sauce or toss-in will work — but knowing the right combo will bring out the best in both. From light herb- and oil-based sauces that cling to delicate pasta strands to heartier meat, veg, and tomato mixtures that stand up to more substantial shapes, discover some matches made in pasta-lovers' heaven.

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All-Night Eats: Best 24-Hour Diners from Coast to Coast

Excerpt; Originally published on

You're up all night. You're starved. And you're looking for a bite that's a little more local and a little more exotic than Denny's or Waffle House. Look no further. We've rounded up the best places around the country that are dishing up food, 24-7. Now that's what we call service.

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