5 fresh Easter brunch recipes to get your holiday off to a hopping start!

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Easter is a celebration of rebirth and renewal. How apt that it occurs in spring, when the earth reawakens, offering tender, bright vegetables and warmer temperatures — harbingers of hope, indeed. Not surprisingly, traditional Easter foods echo these themes: Eggs symbolize rebirth and fertility, lamb stands for Christ, and ham represents luck. And, asparagus, that quintessential spring vegetable, is fresh and abundant.

We're sure you have your favorite family recipes for celebrating Easter, but we've gathered a few fresh ideas for inspiration. After all, what better time than now for trying something new?

1. Soft-boiled eggs with asparagus soldiers: This recipe hits the trifecta of traditional Easter offerings, but is presented in a completely different way. Cured pork, such as prosciutto, is wrapped around fresh asparagus spears and roasted, then served alongside soft-boiled eggs for dipping. The dish is also low carb and gluten free, if you keep track of those sorts of things.

2. Kale and three-cheese quiche: It's no mystery why quiche is such a beloved dish: It whips up in a flash, is easy to customize and can be made ahead. And it tastes ever so good. This vegetarian version features kale plus cheddar, feta and goat cheeses in an easy homemade crust. Pressed for time? We won't tattle if you use a premade crust.

3. Prosciutto-Gruyere croissants: You may want to have these salty, rich croissants ready first thing Easter morning — and every morning thereafter. But if you can wait, they make an excellent replacement for ordinary dinner rolls. They'd also be great with ham in place of the prosciutto. This recipe shows you how to make the croissants' pastry dough from scratch, but you could just as easily purchase premade dough (such as refrigerated crescent rolls).

4. Slow-cooker honey-glazed ham: Another traditional Easter main, this sweet-and-savory glazed ham does you the favor of being ready when you return home from morning Easter services, thanks to the slow cooker. And here's looking forward to the ham sandwiches later on Easter evening.

5. Herb-crusted leg of lamb with mint gremolata: For many families, a celebratory brunch is the main Easter meal. What better to serve than a leg of lamb crusted and stuffed with a savory herb mixture, along with roasted carrots, new potatoes and onions with a bright mint gremolata alongside. The recipe gives instructions for butterflying the lamb yourself, but you can always ask your butcher to do it for you.

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