5 Ways Grooms Can Update Their Style on Their Wedding Day

Originally published on Brides.com

Calling all grooms: Just because all eyes will be on your bride doesn't mean you can't stand out style-wise on your wedding day, too. Now, guys have more flexibility to express their personal style than ever before. Need proof? Look to the red carpet. From Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Reynolds to Jay Z, style-savvy male stars are proving there's more to men's fashion than just the standard black tux. But you don't need to be a celebrity to look like one on your wedding day. Here, we're breaking down how a groom can upgrade their aisle style.

Think Fit
When it comes to formalwear, there's a reason why its referred to as tailored: "They require the hands of a tailor to make sure they fit correctly," Eric Jennings, Saks Fifth Avenue's vice president and style director for menswear, says. It's rare that an off-the-rack suit will fit perfectly. Whether it's as simple as lengthening a sleeve or hemming the pants or restructuring the jacket, a good tailor can make a suit look like it was made for you. That's an investment that's well worth it.

Get a Feel for Fabric
Men's formalwear is no longer synonymous with wool. While it's still a classic, says Jennings, there's more remixing going on. Reynolds sported a velvet tux to the Met Gala, and flannel, textured, and linen tuxes are gaining momentum, too, allowing grooms to pick something that will, ehm, suit the season.

Experiment with Color
Navy is the new black. "Under lights, colors like midnight blue can actually appear more black, whereas black tuxes can look gray," Jennings says. Charcoal gray suits are another stellar option, along with light-colored jackets with black lapels. There's also been a major resurgence of white dinner jackets, which makes a very dapper style statement. When selecting a non-black look, grooms should consider their wedding colors — and run their pick by the bride to make sure it doesn't clash with her dress.

Add Unexpected Accessories
Think beyond the standard boutonniere, from ones that incorporate subtle metallic leather and even feathers to antique or heirloom pins. It's a small, but effective way to add personal style to an otherwise classic look.

Go for All-Out Glamour
Planning a truly elegant event? Nothing's more formal than true white tie, which means means a black tailcoat; trousers with braid or trim; white waistcoat (often piqué) and shirt with studs and cufflinks, and bow tie. Extra points for a gold or platinum pocket watch and chain and decorations (honors & medals).

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